Why Join?

Delta Sigma Phi was incorporated with the purpose to spread the principles of friendship and brotherhood among college men, without respect to race, religion, or creed. With our values defined by the pursuit of a better, more fulfilling life, we believe anyone seeking to embrace their individuality is fit to become a Delta Sig. Always eager to add another motivated individual to our brotherhood, we guarantee that you can find a welcome spot among the brothers here.



Becoming a brother of Delta Sigma Phi entails a lifetime of purpose and companionship. Brothers of the chapter are confident they can always find friendship within the fraternity. It is this simple, but genuine devotion that most strongly underlies the meaning of our organization. Not only will the bonds you form here carry you through your time at Case, they will follow and support you through the rest of your life.

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Brothers of Delta Sigma Phi uphold themselves to be "Better Men" leading "Better Lives." We extend this principle to every aspect of our lives, including academics. Only with hard work and commitment to our academics comes success and fulfillment, so at Delta Sig we prioritize our education. We utilize our brotherhood to further the academic ambitions and achievements of each other. Brothers can expect to find both mentors and students among other Delta Sigs.

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Community Involvement

In addition to our national partnership with the American Red Cross, the Iota Iota chapter of Delta Sigma Phi dedicates much of its time to giving back to our incredibly deserving community of Cleveland. Our largest area of involvement is with the Animal Rescue Center of Cleveland. Additionally, we have formed many other meaningful partnerships with facilities such as the Magnolia Clubhouse, Val’s Purple Oasis, and the Interreligious Task Force of Cleveland. Our partnerships with all of these organizations are strong and we love the work that we do, yet we are always seeking to reach an ever greater portion of our community.